A Love Stronger Than Any Storm

 "Six months ago, in my happily-wedded bliss, this was what I vowed to my husband. While I may have underestimated the havoc that Yolanda would bring, the rest of it are truer now more than ever. Ranulfo Abellanosa, thank you for everything that you have done in keeping our families safe before, during, and after the typhoon. You are my hero, and our baby's, in these trying times and everyday for the rest of our lives. Thank you for being you... I love you. Please come back soon. (Happy 6th Wedding Monthsary!)"
 -- Kathleen on her wedding vows (as seen below)

Photography by Mark Cantalejo

When news of super typhoon Yolanda broke, my thoughts and prayers immediately went to our former clients, Kathleen & Dingdong. We can only imagine what it really feels like to be a survivor of such a horrific typhoon but they were there in the thick of things. On Facebook, spectators such as us were so keen to comment on practically everything--judging and ranting at every turn. Yet Kathleen & Dingdong, along with the other survivors--the real victims of the typhoon are the ones who have spoken with so much class, love, and maturity. 

Kathleen & Dingdong are newlyweds. It was even Kathleen's birthday when things turned for the worse. And as if that was not enough, she's pregnant with their first baby. What's surreal is that her vows, written and said 6 months ago talked about thunderstorms. We'd like to share with everyone a copy of Kathleen's wedding vows:

Kathleen & Dingdong had one of the most beautiful Boracay weddings this year. But having experienced so much, in such a short amount of time in their marriage, Kathleen has this to advice to everyone: 

May couples during their wedding planning realize that more than the pretty details and the unique ideas, they should think for themselves the kind of love and commitment they are willing to share and live everyday for the rest of their lives. This is what transcends after the guests have gone and the bills have been paid. (Also, what's more rebellious than beating death and surviving the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history.. hehe.)

Kathleen could not have said it any better. But we also have this to add to every married couple experiencing challenges today or tomorrow: We've been told before that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and that this is only "one day". But moving forward we encourage everyone not to think of the wedding as just "one day". Instead, think of it as a powerful happy memory. One of the best memories you'll ever have--one that you can always use to help you get through a challenging day. A memory that can inspire you that things will get better. Always remember how happy and giddy you were that day, remember your vows and how in love you were. It is a powerful positive thought. And by law of attraction, magical things can happen when you are filled with happy thoughts in every fiber of your being. 

Kathleen & Dingdong had a fairy tale wedding. But fairy tales, are never without its villains and conflicts. Same with real life. But as in Kathleen & Dingdong's story--we must fight for love, and for the battles that make our life worth living. 

To Kathleen & Dingdong, we applaud your rebellious spirit, always. And we wish you nothing but the best of everything for your marriage and your baby. 

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