Prenup Idea: Love in Perspective

I really believe that you can get inspiration from everywhere. In fact, I advise you to read more than just bridal blogs if you're getting married. Yes, there are more to weddings than mason jars and flowers and the usual stuff. I know we're a bridal blog but we want to give you more than that. We want to give you perspective. We want a paradigm shift. That's why we think of our blog as more of an advocacy. So that those who go against the grain don't find themselves drowned and bullied by tradition.

Inspired by a blog that went viral: Marriage Isn't For Me and a mind-blowing Honda CR-V commercial is an engagement shoot entitled Love in Perspective.

The blog is actually a word play. It says marriage isn't for him because it's all about 'her' (the wife). Imagine starting your video with THAT statement: Marriage isn't for me. BUT ironically, all you see are happy shots of the couple. Then you can end with this statement: Marriage isn't for me. It's for her…and our future family.

If you are not the cheesy/sweety type, then you can make the video more kick-ass by using this mind f*ckery from Honda. Use it as an inspiration about love's different perspectives, about how love is about two people equally involved, about love and illusion, etc. etc. The possibility of ideas are endless!

"This ad by Honda uses forced perspective and anamorphic optical illusions to screw up your mind. No computer animation is involved—just clever camera work and 
paintings on the ground."

Watch the video and if you do decide to use this as an inspiration, I hope you share it with us. 
That would be just be awesome!

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