A Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding - A Rebel Love, Captured

Rebellious Brides + Ian Cruz Films "REBEL LOVE" 
from Ian Cruz Films on Vimeo.

Melancholy. Reflective. Hopeful. But playful and imaginative as a child. Ian Cruz Films nailed it in this Rebellious Brides Tribute Video. We barely even gave directions. And THAT rebels, is why you hire a pro. 

Ian's visual representation of Rebellious Brides made me go back to the time when RB Mica and I were writing to our would-be, future readers back in 2011.

RB Mica wrote: 

We dedicate this blog to all the brides who have the guts to say, "I don't care what other people say." Because of you, we will work our asses off to find inspirations beyond the cookie-cutter weddings. We applaud you for even looking at this site and embracing being a Rebellious Bride.  Think of this as an Alcoholic Anonymous for Brides where you realize you're not alone in this world. Our dear Rebellious Bride...we are here for you--you and your creative *topak!  (Source: http://www.rebelliousbrides.com/p/defintion.html)

I on the other hand wrote: 

I want to create a community for Rebellious Brides because I love weddings, I am a fan of the Philippine wedding industry and the innovators behind it, and I want to help you create your own wedding. Let me tell you this, and I hope it sticks to your mind: I have heard of COUNTLESS TALES of former brides who wish to get married again--5 or 10 years from now. You know why? To carry out their dream weddings, because their first one wasn't what they wanted, rather, it was what THEIR PARENTS WANTED. It's our culture. It's just "the way it is". But it's time to make a stand. So here's to you, Rebellious Bride.Let's fight for your own dream wedding. 
( Source: http://www.rebelliousbrides.com/p/about-blog.html)

Yes, this 4-part series was all about a concept shoot to show you pretty rebellious things and new ideas but if you go deeper than that, it is quite a reflection of how we've all collaborated to keep our little community alive--you as the reader, and us as its champion, and the talented wedding artists we support. All coming together as one passion group, with one twisted perspective on love and how to celebrate it meaningfully. 

As we cap off our four-part Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding Special Series, we hope that we've inspired you to evaluate what's really important to you when it comes to the wedding, especially when you are on a challenging budget. A challenging budget is never about scrimping on the most timeless investments of a wedding which is photography and wedding video. A challenging budget for us means knowing how to be creative with what to splurge on and what NOT to add at all. Our special feature had an ACTUAL concept with real elements that balanced off the "nice-to-haves" with the essentials. But the result, as you can see, is beauty in the rebelry. 

Never be afraid of intimate weddings. Never be afraid to explore new venues beyond hotels and reception venues (especially if you are just being bullied into it when in fact, you are worried about the budget). Scrimp as you can, but always remember that a certain level of taste is important so you still have to work with the best even with a tight budget. QUALITY over quantity. You don't need all the frou frou you are bombarded with, stop being a "wedding hoarder". Know your limits, learn the art of careful editing, and never lose sight of you and your fiancee's personalities. At the end of the day, a wedding is still about the vows and making your union official and that's what's important. Vows with a fun, after-party to celebrate your union. That's the peg. 

We hope you enjoyed our latest shoot concept. And thank you for always supporting our blog. We can't thank you guys enough. We are so blessed to have you all--from Manila, to Ukraine, to UAE, to Canada, to the States, and even Russia, and the rest of the world. 

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A Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding
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