Marianne's "Wholesome" Bridal Boudoir

Photos by: Boudoir Le Blanc Team

Here in RB we always tell you guys that to us, being rebellious doesn't necessarily have to be based on its obvious definitions (goth, rock, eccentric, shocking, etc.). To us, a Rebellious Bride is a woman who has an innate sense of taste and personal style. And that can even be further difficult to achieve when you talk about boudoir. 

If you search on google the words "bridal boudoir" -- believe you me, the photos that you will see will make you cringe. It's very rare to come across a boudoir set that looks classy. You definitely need to have the right team behind you. Take for example Marianne's boudoir shoot which she fondly calls "wholseome bridal boudoir." 

Marianne shares:

"When I first encountered bridal boudoir, I thought it is something that I couldn't do because majority of what I see are women in lingeries... That is why when I saw Boudoir le Blanc's portfolio, It gave me a courage to try it because their concept of boudoir photography was brought to  a different level: sexy while maintaining classiness."
"I'm in already in my mid 30s (34 that is) and just got married last April. At my age, and despite my love for sports (I'm a runner/ marathoner), I'm really having a hard time trying to keep up unlike during my 20s. Probably because I'm not getting any younger. Our minds have been planted a preconceived notion of what a society expects a woman should look like and that is why every woman's self-confidence becomes an issue."

"Boudoir is something that every woman should do regardless of their age and size. Its a good present not just for your husband but also for yourself. "

We hope that you find Marianne's story inspiring because we absolutely found it quite encouraging and beautifully rebellious!

Here is a list of her awesome team:

Photos by: Boudoir Le Blanc Team
(Photographer Tooney White; Stylist: Heather Escudero; Makeup: Christina Mendoza)

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