Rebellious Idea - The Frozen Wedding

It's been awhile since we last made a Rebellious Idea post but with Frozen coming out, we just had to make one! I never had that much expectations with Frozen. In my opinion, the last epic Disney movies that really came out were Mulan & Hercules. After that, they just kind of struggled (perhaps because they also focused on Pixar?). With Frozen, I FINALLY felt like the magical days of Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, and Hercules are here again. Frozen has that same flair. I'm so in love with it maybe because it has brought out the child in me again--but at the same time, it's a new generation of Disney that I have come to experience with my own little family. 

The film is ooooozing with wedding ideas! And I don't care if there's no ice in the Philippines. I think that the same way that Olaf loves the idea of summer and the sun (even if that doesn't even make sense--which makes it sooo hilarious), we can reverse that into tropical meets ice. We've never been one to care much for rules. And as Elsa would say, "The cold never bothered me anyway". So let's start! 


The Bride as Elsa, the Ice Queen

(Gown by Elie Saab)

Cool as ice. That's the peg for the bride as she exudes Elsa in all of her magical, snow flake glory. 
We imagine her gown to be as sparkly, fluid, and almost kind of see-through like--the same effect it had in the movie when Elsa transformed herself in the "Let It Go" sequence. 

Alternate Look: Elsa has two looks in the movie--the first one was when she was still prim & proper, and the other one when she became icy cool. So perhaps the bride can also have two looks? 

Other bridal elements that are "Elsa inspired" would be her long braids adorned with maybe flowers or crystals. When it comes to the makeup, you can either follow the purple frosted eyes or keep it more simple with a natural ethereal look. 

As for her bouquet, why a snowflake bouquet looks absolutely gorgeous and magical! Can somebody please consider a snowflake bouquet??? It looks soooo breathtaking! (Sigh). Now as for the shoes, Elsa's "signature move" is when she stomps with her killer shoes--so a kick-ass pair of pumps will definitely finish the look.

(Search "Snowflake Bouquet" on Etsy) 

The Maid-of-Honor as Anna 

(Gown by Elie Saab)

The maid-of-honor has to be inspired by no other than Elsa's sister, Anna. Anna is kind of the opposite of Elsa in a sense that she has that "Spring/Summer Season" kind of quality to her. Her various outfits in the movie always have prints on them--mostly flowers. So we wanted to maintain that same vibe. In the movie, Elsa and Anna almost have equal billing. And we reckon that when it comes to a Frozen themed wedding, the bride should be rebellious enough to share the spotlight with her maid-of-honor as well (wouldn't it be even more emotional if the MOH was also a super close sister?).

The Entourage as Ice Princesses

(Gowns by Elie Saab)

I love the idea of making the entourage look like ice princesses. After all, this is a Disney-themed kind of wedding so everybody has to look just as magical and fantastical as the bride. Top the look with braided hairstyles, ice-coated nail polish effects, and instead of bouquets create a giant DIY ornament that has flowers inside!

 The Men as Prince Charming

Technically, Elsa doesn't have a "love team" in the movie (which is refreshing for a Disney film!). And the only prince ended up being a villain (sorry for the spoiler! WATCH THE MOVIE!). But it is a modern fairy tale so it kind of makes sense to dress up the guys in dapper outfits that have like a prince charming quality about it. 

The Flower Girls as Little Elsa and Little Anna 

The flower girls will be in blue and green satin dresses with exaggerated bow sashes. Purple flowers were one of the main spring elements in the movie so we wanted to incorporate that by having the flower girls carry baskets of purple pretties :)


 Crystals, Icy Blue, and Snowflakes are just some of the templates that can be used to create that Frozen-themed reception. Use these elements to layer the look as much as you can. But not everything should be about this because it's the "obvious" kind of winter or ice themed wedding. Add it to create volume but the key is to make it unique to Frozen as it can be. See below:

Olaf, Olaf, and more Olaf! It wouldn't really be a Frozen wedding if Olaf wasn't around, right? Use him as an element where possible! It would also be nice to have doodles of memorable quotes from the movie such as: "Some people are worth melting for", "Love will thaw a frozen heart", or "Love is an open door with you" :)

Devil in the details. There are other Frozen-inspired details that may not necessarily be obvious but to true blue fans, these elements are worth including: intricately decorated doors, a wooden swing set, and paintings are just some of the incidental elements in the movie that can make it even more personal. 

Here are more ideas and inspirations that you can use for your Frozen themed wedding! 

How about a video projection? Check this out!

Makeup ideas for the entourage courtesy of Michelle Phan:

Get more creative inspirations here in this behind-the-scenes video. 
There's still more details and elements that you can add!


From L-R: For your Elsa-inspired bridal couture, get Vidal Clayton of the Cecilio Abad Design Team. If there's a designer who can do that Ice Queen vibe, it will be him! Get Metrophoto for the photography! Oly Ruiz' dramatic and architectural flair will be perfect for this theme. And lastly, for the styling, there's nobody else I can think of that can do the job but Gideon Hermosa. The way he pushes the envelope every single time will be something exciting to watch out for--if in and when a Frozen themed wedding ever comes true! 

This is just a teaser of things that we can do for you in terms of conceptualizing the entire walkthrough of your wedding. The Wedding Agency is brimming with soooo many ideas! So email away and inquire via :)

And don't forget to watch Frozen!!! 

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  2. I LOVED everything from this. I saw Frozen and thought "This is my wedding theme all over." I've always fancied the winter and ice and snowflakes - so this has only caused an explosion of inspiration! I will be marking this page for future reference for sure! I also work as a bridal blog editor at if you ever want to check us out! Great post! loved the dresses and adored all the decor

  3. I love the lace designs as well! I was having difficulty deciding what my wedding theme/motif would be for December but when i saw this, it's all i ever wanted. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The blue theme is looking so amazing. All the girls wearing these beautiful dresses looking like dolls. I am dieing to wear these beautiful and elegant dresses. And hairstyle is so amazingly done.

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