Cathy & Jonard's "Anti-Reception" Wedding

Photography by We Do It For Love

One of the blog's most famous posts and probably one of our most famous "rebellious thoughts" is the concept of not having the usual reception expected of a wedding. We call this, the "Anti-Reception." But while we do know that this idea is quite popular among our readers, and we even get personal emails that discuss this idea further, we rarely see actual photo sets that would kind of give us an indication that there are real rebellious brides out there who have materialized an anti-reception wedding. So when we saw this set from We Do It For Love, we were more than excited! Not only is this wedding a real anti-reception wedding in the flesh, it was also done in Casa Roces! The venue we featured in our Gatsby series! Woot!  We are super excited to share this feature. May this prove that anti-reception weddings are just as beautiful and just as memorable! 

PS. Check out the couple's rebellious wedding bands! So unique! 

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Cathy & Jonard! And may your wedding be as refreshing as your lovely wedding :)

Gown and Suit: Veejay Floresca
Hmua: Katchie Mejias and Anton Patdu
Entourage Gowns and Suits: Frederick Alba of FSA Atelier
Flowers: Vatel Manila 
Coordinated by: Marcus Phoenix Media Prod

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