Scribbles and Then Some...

We first learned of Ink Scribbler/Alexis' talents when A Dash of Jamie proposed to have invitations custom made for our Thanksgiving Wedding Feature--and then we got hooked. So hooked in fact that even my own hubb's office commissioned for her to do a wall art filled with creative doodles.

Here are some of the doodles that Ink Scribbler did for my hubb:

But my absolute favorite that Alexis has done is her Harry Potter inspired map. The Potterhead in me gets so excited whenever I see this! This map was just something that she did for herself but I love how beautiful it turned out! --> Can I buy it Alexis? Hahah #HarryPotterDORK

I can just spend all day looking at Alexis' works. Here's a final look from one of her many projects:

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