All-White Mardi Gras

There's something about Poveda's graduating batch of 2014 that makes you feel like you can expect great, rebellious things from the girls (and perhaps their parents? *wink*). After all, if their prom last year and their ball this year are any indication, then this batch is definitely on to exciting times ahead.

We once presented a mardi gras wedding concept to a client. Alas, the couple didn't pick that concept. So when we found out about Poveda's grad ball theme, we felt quite giddy about it. Gideon Hermosa, Jason Magbanua, Oly Ruiz, Madge Lejano...and for the best dressed, you have Veluz and what more can you expect? I can't wait to see the video.

2-time best dressed winner, Janna Lejano

Photo Credit: @julesbautista

Congratulations, ladies! We can't wait to see what you'll come up with for your debuts and weddings! And have a blast at college--for this is just the beginning ;)

More photos from #PovedaWMG2014: 

Photo Credits: @margauxchincuanco and @dingrayson
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Last Look!

*Special thanks to Ed and Arlene Aguirre for the Staging, Lights, and Sounds :)

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