Prom - The Road to Rebelliousness

Let's interrupt the usual wedding programming for a little bit, shall we? Poveda's 2013 Junior Prom. When wedding giants like Jason Magbanua, For You Are Mine, Madge Lejano, and hosts like The Boys of the Boys Night Out are actually part of a prom--you know this is gonna be fun, right? :)

The best-dressed of the night went to Janna Lejano, Madge's daughter. With a rebellious black Veluz gown, with Madge's amazing makeup, and with Teddy Manuel's creations on the corsage, you know know that Janna's entire look was really poised to be a sensation. Pay attention girls--you want to look awesome? You want to look different? You want to innovate? Then look to wedding artists even if your event is not a wedding.

Lifted from Madge's Instagram 

Ahhhh.....prom. Great times. I was super into prom. So much so that I was in two of my own school's prom, La Salle's Senior Ball, and get this--I even attended a prom in the States (and boy that was a culture shock!)

When you turn into a Junior, all of a sudden you can feel the excitement everywhere as early as the start of the school year because it's gonna be a prom year. Not everyone cares for it, but for those who did (like me!) - the preps was one-year-in-the-making. It was in my junior year that I started with my derma routine--WEEKLY for almost a  year 'till my face cleared of blemishes can you imagine? And my good friend Maita and I (and Maita now works for the House of Alexander McQueen in London and she worked on the Royal Wedding can you imagine?) would sketch prom pegs. Seventeen Magazine was our bible at that time. It was such a big deal. If you think about it, one of the reasons why it was such a big deal was because you were 16 or 17 and for the first time, you get to make your own decisions and it would be the first time you'd transition into 'rebelling' against what your mom would probably want for your prom.

Looking back, I probably got my rebellious streak started during prom. Going against the flow, I didn't even get a designer gown. I had a peg and had a gay guy make it for me for like 2,000 bucks and I won the "hit the beach award" because my gown stood out and looked like a beach gown (my, I was really destined to be a Bora bride, huh?). Prom eventually leads to a Debut of course (w/c for me was more like an ANTI-debut type of thing), then of course you'll have the Wedding. Some may find these things superficial but it can actually define you or mold you to to the kind of independent decisions you eventually make. What were you like during YOUR prom? How about taking inspiration from it for your wedding? Like a "do-over" or the better version of your prom? :)

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