Tagaytay in Technicolor

Photography by Quirky Creatives

When we think of Tagaytay, there's almost a template as to how an engagement or a wedding would look like. So for the Quirky Creatives team to bring out something entirely unexpected? Definitely bold and refreshing, indeed. 

Noel Salazar shares: "So, from time to time, the creativity itch bug bites us, and we decide to go and shoot something different, and for fun. This is the result of that bite. Hehe. :D"

Props to the entire team and may ya'll rebel brides get inspired to go for reinvention. 


Photography | Quirky Creatives
Make-up | Rae Venturanza-Salazar, using Girlactik and Chacott
Hair | Frankie Chavez III
Styling | Nio Manzano
Gowns | Jor-El Espina
Menswear | Ulysses King
Accessories | Ken Samudio
Shoes | Nereku
Models | Rodina Luspo and Emerald Villahermosa of Cal Carries Model/Miguel Lasala of PMAP/Marvin de Alban of Mint Models, New York
Shoot Location | Two Gardens Tagaytay

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