Wedding Agency: Office Romance Brunch Wedding

Actual invite of the couple

TJ & Ralph were one of our most memorable couples because they were 'challenging'. Challenging in the sense that they pushed us to go out of our comfort zones. Doing this Wedding Agency service for 3 years, we realize that most clients hire us to conceptualize for their weddings but they still go for the more "tamed" ideas that we have, and that's perfectly fine! But having learned that from now, when we worked on TJ & Ralph's wedding ideas, we thought that just like some of our previous couples, they would want us to play on the safe side. But boy we were wrong. They candidly pointed out to us that they wanted more adventurous ideas. So RB Mica threw out a crazy idea to come out with an "Office Romance" theme--which celebrated the love story of the couple that they indeed fell in love in the office. It was a tricky idea because some couples are even shy to admit this. But long and behold this was the concept that the couple loved. And for that we truly admire how rebellious they are to celebrate this otherwise taboo concept. What's even more refreshing was how dead set the couple was to have a brunch wedding. So while we wait for the submission of their official photos, we'd love to share with you some of the boards we created for them from their walkthrough!

SIDENOTE: The wedding budget was to be less than P300k. And we met that budget based on this concept and our proposed suppliers! :)

Having been doing the Wedding Agency service for 3 years, when couples say that they want to be non-traditional and creative, we've learned to take that with a grain of salt because sometime's it's really not the case. So sometimes, we get pushed back inside the box. Thank god for clients like TJ & Ralph who pushed us out of the box and re-assured us that it was okay to think crazy.

The couple had an upcoming US trip so they were super game when we suggested for them to buy their bridal, groom, and entourage outfits abroad. The best part was they were rebelliously game to buy off-the-rack--and the bride was anti-white! So we super enjoyed making their look books for them! :)

More ideas from their walkthrough!

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