Of Lace, Flowers, and Cupcakes

Photography by Louie Arcilla Life+Style 

When you think of the Rebellious Brides, what comes to your mind? Some think it's rock, goth, black, tattoos and whatnot. That's totally not it, though. I for one do get irked when we get compared with Rock 'n Roll Brides. That's totally missing the point. I don't even read that blog.

People who know me personally would most likely describe me as very Kate Spade, colourful, loves cupcakes, all things organic & eco-living, and Harry Potter. RB Mica on the other hand basically loves anything purple haha. Rebelliousness is a state of mind, not a state of your style or preference. And it's not even about what's "in" or not in the wedding scene.

Take for example cupcakes. Some people say that this is already not "uso" in weddings. Is it really about being "uso?" What if just like me, the bride was just simply into cupcakes?!? I am rambling, I know. Haha!

When I saw this editorial feature, I knew I had to have this on the blog. I am totally in love with the anti-white pink and lacey bridal gown! I love the cupcakes and I wanna feature it to make a statement that cupcakes never grow old and whoever said that it's no longer "uso" are weird, and oh how I love the flowers! How rebellious is it to celebrate gerbera for a change? Oh I could go on and on...

Jacqs Florals Design Studio is my go-to florist these days. I love how easy it is to work with Jacq and how fresh her ideas are.

Check out this awesome feature in the perspective of Jacq:

"Last month, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible talents during a photo shoot. We decided to keep this set sweet and simple. Working with classic elements such as crystals and laces, and incorporating them with soft colors such as peach and pinks, we came up with this editorial which left us all in a charmed and in a dream-like state."

I'm looking at how I've written this feature and it seems like the most disorganised train of thought I have ever had while blogging haha. Why you might ask? This editorial shoot makes me feel giddy, giddy, giddy! ;)


Photographer: Louie Arcilla Life+Style Photography
Model: Chamie Abella
Hmua: Chinky Tanjanco
Artwork: Imma Frias
Gown: Hannah Kong
Cupcakes: Miss Confectionery
Flowers: Jacqs Floral Design Studio
Venue: Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

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