Nikolo & Nicola: Top 10 Fresh & Rebellious Wedding Ideas

Photography by MangoRed
Oh where to begin?!?!? I am so in love with this wedding because there's so many new and exciting rebellious ideas that's never been done in the local scene before.

And in celebration of Nikolo & Nicola's uber fresh wedding, I'd like to use the "Buzzfeed Format" where they usually make their point in just a few bullets.

So here are the Top 10 Fresh & Rebellious Wedding Ideas from Nikolo & Nicola's Wedding:

1. The Rebel Bride wore a "White w/ a Twist" gown adorned with subtle colored bead work that seem to sparkle like gems of Topaz, Sapphire, and Tanzanite!

2. And the Rebel Bride matched this with her gorgeous heart-shaped engagement ring and her wedding band--which are both amazingly adorned with colored gems (or are those colored diamonds?) as well!

3. Not to be outdone, the Rebellious Groom was styled so differently and not in the typical boring groom suits! Plus, he had a camper! A camper that's only usually in foreign editorial shoots but this time, there's actually a local wedding that has one as a backdrop! Bravo!

4. The groom's groomsmen are some of the most laid back, refreshed, and handsomely styled group I've seen. Just goes to show that the entourage doesn't have to be stiff and overly dressed to look great for a wedding! This is something we ALWAYS tell our readers and clients but nobody seems to implement it--glad to finally see a couple willing to do this! Clap clap clap!

5. The bright colors, pattern on pattern, juxtaposed with simplicity. The pops of color from the wedding are a breath of fresh air amidst the usual coral/teal combo.

6. Those random details  like horseshoe and toy figures are interesting, unexpected, but they surprisingly work flawlessly and seamlessly.

7. The bridal entrance didn't have the usual door and instead was replaced with yards and yards of white chiffon fabric, making the bride's moment even dreamier and more unforgettable.

8. The bridal aisle doesn't seem to be in a straight line. This couple's all about the unexpected innovations aren't they? I LOVE IT!

9. Intriguing installations. I honestly don't know what they are from this angle. Are they game stalls? Are they dioramas? All I know is, they sure don't look like the usual reception/cocktail decors to me!

10. And finally, I'd like you to zero in on the flower girl  on your left. No tutu, no overly done gown, no flower basket in sight. Instead, she is adorned with a flower wreath and she's in a sophisticated dress layered with a cardigan and adorned with pearls. She looks so lovely in her not-the-obvious flower girl look!

Congratulations Nikolo and Nicola. We want to give you a standing ovation and bow down to you. You guys are amazing and your wedding is one of the most inspired we've seen in recent years. May you continue that spirit in your marriage.

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