A Rebellious Bride Reader's Dream Wedding

Photography by We Are Seekers

On July 2013, Rebellious Bride Reader K wrote:

"Hi there! My husband & I have been civilly married for almost 13 yrs now. We have 2 beautiful kids. And just yesterday, we finally decided to have a church wedding. Months back, Jasper (my hubby), mentioned that he wanted a scenic, intimate, getaway wedding...Batanes was (still is) on top of his head. We were Google searching on "Batanes wedding", when we came across Rebellious Brides. I couldn't help but tear up because your Batanes features are exactly how I envisioned my wedding would be." 

We had a couple of correspondence with K after she first reached out. Just like Rebellious Bride Cha (another Batanes Bride, click here to back track), we helped K streamline some of her ideas. 

About the same time as last year when K emailed us, we also had an exclusive deal with We Are Seekers for some amazing photography. Fast forward to just a week ago, RV of We Are Seekers told us that Rebellious Bride K apparently got them through the blog. And here we are today. 

One of the most amazing things about what we do with the blog and our Wedding Agency Service is being able to help readers and clients create their dream weddings, at whatever budget, and at whatever circumstance possible. After all, when you read our REBELS tab, I said "Let's fight for your own dream wedding." And at the end of the day, that's what this blog is really all about. But that's just half of the beauty of RB. The other half is being able to convince YOU to go for the talented artists we personally support, and being able to hook up Rebellious Bride K with We Are Seekers is the perfect example of that. 

We've featured many, many Batanes weddings already. Each one is captured by a different photographer. Everyone has their own interpretation of a magical Batanes wedding. And as expected, RV and his team showed a different side of Batanes that we've never seen before. 

It's a gloomy Monday, and this feature will show you the moody side of Batanes, but equally as majestic and glorious, like a scene from a Tolkien book.

Dear K and Jasper, 

Thank you for making Rebellious Brides a part of your dream wedding in our own little way. We are honored to have sparked the inner rebels in you. Your wedding is so beautifully wicked. It has Rebellious Brides written all over it. Thank you for the trust. Congratulations and may you keep your love and marriage as magical as ever. 

Kai & Mica 

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  1. very beautiful!!!love the black and white color motif!it complimented the majestic views and did not overshadow the beauty of batanes!!

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  3. Just over a year ago, my sister Jane, introduced me to this wonderful wedding blog site! We were inspired by the Batanes wedding of Em & Eugene's. We were hoping that we could capture that same magic they went thru in that beautiful island. To quote my husband when all the wedding festivities were over, "our Batanes wedding was not just an event but an experience!" For that, we thank you Kai for your generosity in your time, ideas & suggestions. If not for RB, we would not have met RV of WE ARE SEEKERS. He is an artist full of passion, sincerity & humility. Special shout out to RV's partners, Tim Dela Paz & Jerome Sta. Ana, for their equally awesome talent & kindness...Again, thank you, Kai, for all the help! And, it is such an honor to be featured in RB. God bless RB! ~ Jasper & K Aguirre