Heart and Chiz -- ENGAGED!

Source: HOLA! Magazine

Another celebrity couple are engaged! This time around, it is Heart and Chiz' turn! While there haven't been any official interviews from them, it is safe to assume that the proposal took place just last night. In fact one of the people to post it on Instagram as a "Breaking News" was no other than event stylist/florist extraordinaire, Badang Rueda. Then, some of Heart's celebrity BFFs started posting as well! So exciting!

Heart is another Rebellious Bride in the making. I admire how she finally decided to stand up against her mom to fight for her own dreams, aspirations, independence, and love in the pursuit of her own bliss. 

In case you guys didn't know, Heart's mom disowned her publicly because of her relationship with Senator Chiz Escudero. Whether it was because Chiz was much older or because he is a politician, we don't know for sure if these were the reasons of her mom's rage but it was a controversial move on Heart's part to say that "enough is enough", and they have yet to reconcile. But at the end of the day, Heart is her own woman and she needs to be able to make her own mistakes and triumphs. 

Photography by Jayson and Joanne Arquiza for WeddingsTV

What makes this engagement soooooooo exciting is the fact that Heart hosts her own wedding show, WeddingsTV at GMA News TV. That means she is already exposed and very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the local wedding scene. I have full confidence that she and Chiz will form a sensational wedding dream team. I for one is boldly guessing that she will choose Badang Rueda at this point--and that alone is sure to be a phenomenal sight to behold! 

Congratulations Heart and Chiz! Enjoy your wedding preps! :)

As a special treat, here are some of Heart's WeddingsTV episodes in case you haven't watched it yet:

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