Never Let Your Wings Be Stolen From You

Rebellious collaborations have long been a staple in the 3 years that we've had this blog. And we pride ourselves for being one of the firsts to do it. Every year is different. But three things remain: 1) We always want to do something that's out of the ordinary, 2) We always want to celebrate talents (both fresh and seniors) and kind of push them out of their comfort zones, and 3) We never take our shoots seriously (topak kung topak! in English, "cray, cray!").

We usually launch a concept shoot with teasers, followed by the photos, culminated with the video. This time, we wanted to switch things up by starting with the video, some Instagram photos during the shoot, and snippets from our mood boards to share with you how we develop our concepts a'la The Wedding Agency. 


A Rebellious Fairytale

Videography by We Are Seekers
Photography by Proud Rad (Official Photos not yet part of this blog post)

Makeup of RB Mica by herself (The Makeup of Mica)
Makeup of RB Kai and the rest of the models by Angel Salian 
(The Makeup Studio Team by Madge Lejano)
Hair by Brian Borda (The Makeup Studio Team by Madge Lejano)

Styling by Miss Kayce Team (KC Leyco)
Gowns and Costumes by Ms. Regine Tolentino
Children's Gowns by Christine Lam

Bouquets and Headpieces by Jacqs Florals Design Studio (Jacq Wong)
Event Styling by La PortoFlora

Calligraphy / Invitation Artwork by Ink Scribbler

Shoot Location
Casa Marikit Ristorante Italiano
Banay-Banay, Concepcion, Lipa City, Batangas, Lipa, Batangas
(043) 312 0454

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