Jason Magbanua x Portlandia

My husband once said, that "Every part of the world should have a Jason Magbanua Video." -- and I do agree.

<Wedding Film by Jason Magbanua>

So when we found out that Jason was off to Portland for Ivy and Alex' wedding, we were so excited for him! Why, Portland is one my most favorite places in the world!!! Jason didn't get why I was so "OA" when it comes to raving about Portland and he instantly knew why when he landed there. As Jason puts it, every angle in Portland is Pinterest-worthy and Alex and Ivy's effortlessly beautiful wedding is no exception to that. What makes the couple rebellious? Well, for starters they've never been to Portland! But they were adventurous enough to have their big day there. I love how they think ;)

So folks, I am off to Portland in 2 days, and I'll be gone for quite awhile. But I promise to keep blogging as much as I can! Bye for now! 

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