Kasalang Jay & Thea

First of all, "kasalan" is a Tagalog term for a wedding. Jay & Thea entitled it this way because their wedding was just that - simple and unpretentious. Secondly, being rebellious doesn't have to mean one thing (that's being a rebel within a rebel!). While some people in the world judged our Maleficent themed shoot to be too much or making a circus out of weddings, we here at RB are in fact lovers of all things we consider rebellious (doesn't have to have a theme involved all the time). That's why for this day, we've decided to show the more laid back and intimate side of weddings we love.

"They didn't need to come up with a theme for their wedding. They have an extensive vinyl collection which they share with friends on sound trips. They love the outdoors and go to parks, gardens & beaches as much as they can. They're beer drinkers and foodies. So they thought that instead of thinking of a theme, they just needed to highlight the things they enjoy & love. So it became a day of love, food, beer & music and when people were asked what they thought the theme was, they just answered: Jay & Thea" -Denise Nicole Tolentino, sister of the bride and photographer

Jay & Thea decided to do a chill engagement shoot in the comfort of their own home and got married in a quaint breakfast place in Marikina, Philippines called Isabelo Garden. 

They wanted their wedding to be as intimate as possible. Their friends and family pitched in for different roles: some did the decorating, some were in charge of the music, friends with bands played, one friend brought the cake, one friend made the dress, some brought the booze, etc. Some friends were the photographers too. The couple preferred the idea of friends documenting their wedding rather than people they didn't really know.

The wedding was officiated by a solemnizing officer. It began with poetry reading. The first was a poem by Pablo Neruda, one that Jay gave to Thea when he was courting her. The second, a poem picked by their friend Lourd de Veyra. Then it was an exchange of personal vows and messages to them by parents and ninongs & ninangs. No candles, no chords. They slipped on their rings, were announced husband & wife and the music played until the morning.

 Instead of a traditional father & daughter dance, the bride and the oh-so-hip Father of the Bride danced to Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go Go


Wedding Gown: Ela Raya
Make-Up: Val Villarin

Photographers: Mike Campillanes, Raffy Aquino & Denise Tolentino

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