Couple Chased by Zombies on the Way to Wedding Reception!

Here in Rebellious Brides, we get the craziest submissions. Quite flattering, really. After all, who's gonna stick together other than the crazy ones? 

<A Film by Aisle 1401>

When rebel bride Cyndee shared with us their wedding reception entrance video, we instantly knew this belonged to the blog. The bride shared it in time for Halloween. Well meaning, yes. But we felt like it was such an obvious Halloween feature to begin with. We didn't want to feature this as a Halloween special. We wanted to feature this for what it truly is--a rebellious, creative, uber unique way to introduce a couple as newlyweds. Sans the couple's first dance, sans the love story AVP.  Enjoy the video! 

What more is there to say? Thanks for sharing this with us Cyndee! We know it's a bit long overdue but better late than never! 
After all, zombies never go out of style--very timeless.  *Wink*

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