Levi & Juliah's Adorable Portlandia Fall Wedding

I may have found my most favorite Portland wedding yet. 
Adorable, Quirky, Charming, Sweet -- that pretty much sums up Levi & Juliah's wedding.

<Photography by Urban Bay>

When I saw this set from Urban Bay, goodness gracious I couldn't stop saving photo after photo for this feature! Every little detail you will see here is so thoughtful and unique! I mean, where else can you find flower girls that are like little bundles of Fall/Autumn?!? And what of the bride in her green rubber rain boots! So pardon me, but in this very rare occasion, we are literally going to flood you with as much photos from Levi & Juliah's wedding as we possibly can--and that's saying something, if I say so myself!

I would like to personally commend Urban Bay--the wedding was gorgeous in every angle because of the team's skillful attention to capture every love-filled moment. 

I'm off to Portland in 4 days--expect more and more Portland weddings to come in the blog because I am definitely in a "Portland State of Mind"

Congratulations Levi & Juliah! May your marriage be as wonderful as your wedding. Your wedding was so full of life and love that we feel like we are guests ourselves simply by appreciating your wedding photos. Oh gosh we can hug you right now! Haha--WE LOVE YOUR WEDDING TO BITS!!!!

See the complete photo set from Urban Bay HERE

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  1. That is Courtney's Photgrapher!!! She is awesome!!! Your cousin...

  2. Mary Sloan (Levi's Sunday school teacher at NHCC)November 24, 2014 at 9:21 AM

    How absolutely lovely, charming and full of life! God bless you guys....