Divine and Blake had the sort of wedding that may have easily popped-out of a Kevin Kwan novel. The hottest celebrities, the hottest tycoons, even the hottest bloggers were in attendance. The bride herself was taking her namesake to a whole new level in a head to toe, golden Rajo Laurel cathedral gown (which we absolutely LOVE, btw). But we are not here to feature that spectacular wedding. Instead, we wanted to feature this quiet, almost elopement-ish editorial shoot that they had with MangoRed and Wild Reverie because it shows another side of the couple...of the bride. How she can be unapologetic in many aspects of her life, often defying how an heiress is supposed to be like. 


Art Direction & Styling: Wild Reverie

Gown: Valerie Alvez
Robe: Claiza Bihasa

Menswear: Signet
Furniture: Lady Scott Jones
Hair & Makeup: Buern Rodriguez & Jake Galvez

Paper Suite & Calligraphy: Fozzybook
Cake: Olivia Chan

Candles: RCD Wax & Candles

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