Saab & Jim - Forever Young

Leave it to MangoRed to just keep on evolving at an alarmingly rebellious speed that nobody can ever keep up.

<Photography by MangoRed>

What happens when equally creative minds such as Saab & Jim collaborate with the ultimate rebel gang that is MangoRed? Well you'll have a set like this that's just out of this world. You know that a prenup set is good when you don't even have to have a write-up to explain the personality of the couple--it just oozes out of the photos. Understated. Natural. Organic. We can't imagine how much more insane the wedding would be. We'll be waiting.

Congratulations Saab & Jim! You guys rock!

View the complete set HERE

llustrations by Rob Cham | MakeUp Emman Concepcion | MNL Ph

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