Beauty Diary: True Colors

Hello Rebels! Belated Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm sorry if we haven't updated the blog for a week. As perfectly captured in my photo above, I have been traveling. But that doesn't mean we haven't been taking the time to create awesome posts for the blog. In fact, I've squeezed in a photo shoot (and more will come) during this Portland trip just for the blog.

Before I left for my trip, I got a much needed makeover courtesy of The Makeup Studio Team by Madge Lejano. FYI bride-to-bes, Madge and her team is not just known for their beautiful bridal makeup--they also do a complete makeover including haircut, hair color treatment, and eyebrow shaping.

L-R: Before the Makeover / After the Makeover in 2 Versions--Straight and Curly
Madge with the help of Angel Salian made sure my haircut and color are versatile. It's dark brown without any sunlight but the minute the light hits my hair it creates an illusion that it's changing colors. The tips are also "ombre-d" so that I have options from serious to fun looks. Another thing that's noteworthy about the service is that the session is ultra private because they make sure to just book one client per treatment.

I super love my makeover! It just gives me that added oomph and it gives me the whole confidence to take more selfies haha...uh-oh!
But as some ladies will attest to, a makeover--especially a hair makeover is NOTHING if it is not wearable even after you're done with your salon day. So I took my look for a spin and got myself a mini photo shoot session with nobody else but me working on my look. As you will see in the photos below, my hair still looks great even when it's just naturally styled with nothing but a comb haha.,

As a bride-to-be, you probably think that you only need to look for a makeup artist for the wedding--you'll soon find out that you'll eventually spend on your hair as well. Doesn't it make perfect sense to book someone like The Makeup Studio Team who don't just take care of your makeup but also takes care of your overall bridal look? After all, it's not just the makeup that will comprise of your beauty diary--it will also be about what hairstyle will look good on you, what eyebrow shape will flatter your face,  and surprisingly even what hair color will look beautiful as you are getting photographed (all black doesn't give the effect it should). 

For consultations, inquiries, reservations, contact: +639178949480 / +632166549


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