In The Mood For Love

It's seriously getting harder and harder keeping up with the ProudRad Boys.  

I mean SERIOUSLY guys, stop it because our blog is already being monopolized by your rad weddings! 

Oh my goodness Leo & Che's wedding is just oooooozing with rebelliousness. From the short bridal gown, to the Paddington-esque flower girl styling with the cute coat and boots (or is that pretty girl a little bride?), to the drool-worthy TippingPointCollective styling, that Gideon Hermosa bouquet, and the cohesiveness of all the pops of red that reminds me of the movie In The Mood for Love. My, my, we wish there would be more weddings like this to go around. 

We've never really felt the February season kick-in 'till we saw this wedding. 

Photography by Proud Rad
Bouquet by Gideon Hermosa (How did the bride manage to get a Gideon Hermosa bouquet that's what I wanna know! Haha)
Styling by TippingPointCollective

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