So Where Did "Bumped-Off" Celebrity Couple Cesca and Tyke Decide to Get Married?

<Video Screencapture from Jason Magbanua> 

A few months ago, local showbiz and social media were aflutter due to the alleged "bumping off" of celebrity couple Cesca & Tyke at Balesin Island in favor of other celebrity couple Heart & Chiz. But all is well in love and war as Cesca & Tyke are finally getting married today in an EQUALLY beautiful island that is actually regularly featured here in the blog:

Yes, Cesca and Tyke are getting married in Eskaya, Bohol and I couldn't have thought of a better alternative. And from what we've heard, they are being treated very very well. I can't wait to see the Pat Dy photos and the Jason Magbanua film! It's going to be epic!!!

Congrats in advanced Cesca and Tyke! All is well that ends well :) 

Cesca and Tyke are getting married! from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

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