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When it comes to conceptualizing weddings, many adopt what they see from abroad. There's nothing wrong if you want a foreign-themed wedding, of course. Most specially if a certain country or theme has sentimental value. But sometimes, you just have to look around you to realize that 1) It's more fun in the Philippines 2) We have a rich culture as inspiration.

And because, we're rebellious, we take inspirations from not just weddings but also 2nd birthdays! Yes, Mio is just 2 and his birthday rocked. It was so Filipino and it reminded a lot of us of how it was in the good old days sans iPads and other gadgets. When fun meant playing outside with a kite made of newspaper or hitting those cans with our slippers or grabbing goodies from a bamboo grid. You guys, yes I am talking those our age, you'll definitely reminisce your childhood when you see the photos.

The whole set-up was styled by Mio's mom Jaws and her good friend Vicky. It was conceptualized intelligently as elements were neatly tied together instead of just adopting a haphazard barrio fiesta. Using minimal colors and design elements like banig (a handwoven mat popular in our country),capiz shells (or windowpane oysters that are widely used in the provinces of the Philippines), national symbols and wooden toys, the whole look was very thematic yet stylish. One of my favorites is the capiz shell-designed cake with a jeepney on top. Even the food served were from our favorite Filipino merienda (mid-afternoon snack)! Yummy!

In truth, there a lot of ways you can execute a Filipino theme. Let your imagination run wild! Our country is definitely a great inspiration for you to come up with a wedding concept -- from the very vintage FilipiƱa to a more modern Pinoy theme.

And do share with us your Filipino-inspired wedding!



Theme: Traditional Filipino Bday 
Styled by: Jocelle Bodestyne and Vicky Montenegro
Photos by: Jaro Necesito
Backdrop by: Happycrueltree 
Cake by: Sugar Mom

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