The Rebellion Hits 2 Million

This blog of ours is grounded on love. It all started because we found the love of our lives and it (the blog) saw us through a lot of milestones and (mis) adventures in a span of four years. It started because we had an insane amount of passion for weddings. It started because we simply love to be there for brides who were like us. The unlikely princesses who refuse to wear the glass slippers and wear Melissa shoes instead. We are surviving, breathing, because of love. And we send it all back to all you, all 2 million views. Love and good vibes and gratitude for keeping the love alive for Rebellious Brides.

When we  first started Rebellious Brides 4 years ago, RB Mica and I just wanted to create a different wedding platform where non-traditional brides (and grooms) can have a voice, a safe haven, and a community. A venue where real couples can be celebrated regardless of background or status. It was also a creative hub that meant to showcase Filipino talents--both wedding industry innovators and the new breed of wedding artists alike. It was such a simple (oftentimes even crude) hobby blog back then. And even up to this very day, the blog remains to be a hobby (but at least with a spanking new look haha!). That's why for a "hobby blog" to reach 2 MILLION organic VIEWS is personally mind-boggling to me. And our reach and engagement rates (shares, re-posts, likes, pins, and comments) outside of the blog because of the #Maleficent shoot is just insane. Honestly, there are days when I don't even want to blog anymore but then I realize that the blog is already bigger than Mica and me so we already have some sort of responsibility to see this through haha. Thank you to everybody who supports, believes, and reads our blog. Without you, there won't be this thriving community of TOPAKS (in English, CRAZIES!). And just to spite negatrons, I shall use the most annoying hashtag they hate. HASHTAG #BLESSED wahahahah!


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