Cass + Sheila in Baler

There are a lot of reasons why Cass & Sheila's prenup session could be considered as rebellious. Might be the shots, might be the fact that there are chandeliers on trees, might be the fabulous outfits. But what is even more striking to us is the fact that the entire team (including the couple) were brave enough to shoot in a Balete tree. A tree so mythical and riddled with scary stories and spooky legends. Getting married is kind of like that in way. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown, part scary, part exciting, but you go ahead with it anyway. 

<Photography by Michelle Pineda>

Photographer Michelle shares:

"I have always believed that to pull off a very nice engagement shoot there should always be teamwork. It is a team effort from the couple and all the suppliers like the Stylist, Hair and Make up Artist and the Photographer. Everyone should only have one goal, and that is to make the shoot perfect for the couple. One should be open with the idea of the others and combine all brilliant concepts. In this way, we not only make the shoot easier but beautiful for the couple. After all, we are doing this for them. 

 We stayed at Costa Pacifica Resort and were able to shoot in Balete Tree and Mother Falls. Badang’s brilliant idea of hanging chandeliers in the roots of the Balete Tree adds character to the look. Work becomes easier when the couples are cooperating. Whatever you ask them to do, they follow right away. Maybe because there’s too much love overflowing that’s why it is easier for them to just be comfortable with the poses and just let it go. I would say that trust is a big factor in making your shoot successful. When you hire a supplier give your 101 percent trust to them, because if you do, they will give all the love and effort to make your Engagement Session beyond exquisite." 

 HMUA: Mariah Santos
Prenup Stylist: Badang Rueda
Clothes: Joon Dayrit
Photography: Michelle Pineda

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