Spoil Your Groom

When we were wedding planning my husband was just as involved, just as excited, and just as special. In fact, my bridal gown designer Hindy Tantoco called my husband "the best groom-of-honor." And this was a conscious effort on my part as well--to make him feel as important because it is his wedding too. 

Oftentimes, we forget that the groom is just as giddy about the big day. He may not express it the same way as a bride would but how could he not be excited if he is marrying the woman of his dreams? And why wouldn't he want to feel pampered? Why wouldn't he want to look and feel good? 

Perhaps you would say, "he is the silent type" or "he doesn't like girly wedding things anyway" or "he told me it was my day and I could do whatever I want" -- sure these things are true but it doesn't mean you have to take it literally because he won't be type to talk about it. So as the bride, it is YOUR responsibility to initiate ways to make him feel involved. Maybe he loves whiskey--why don't you make sure there's a whiskey bar in the reception? Maybe he loves basketball--why don't you give him the chance to incorporate it in his outfit? Maybe he doesn't want your rings to be too matchy matchy and he wants something more masculine--then let him do it. 

And that's why we love the idea of "The Spoiled Groom" which was conceptualised by no less than one of the most stylish alpha male wedding talents in the industry--Metrophoto's Oly Ruiz. The Spoiled Groom is an on-the-day service for your groom that allows him to be pampered the macho way before you guys say "I Do." If you have your makeup, mani/pedi and other rituals, this will be his version of it. 

The Union Station which is the BarberShop that exclusively hosts the Spoiled Groom Service shares:

The Union Station introduces The Spoiled Groom, a bespoke and elaborate grooming ritual for the groom-to-be on the wedding day, right inside your hotel room.  Packages range from straightforward trim/shave/singe and groom up to one that’s complete with our signature treatments and massages. Have it all for yourself or invite the whole entourage for a grooming gathering. While you’re at it, get the photographers and videographers to shoot the process, there is nothing more bad-ass than a groom being professionally spruced-up on his wedding day. 

Packages range from P3,000 - P5,000 which is really not that high considering how much your HMUA costs. LOL.

While you are at it, don't tell your groom that he is having this special service on your big day. It can be one of your surprise gifts for him and trust us, he will love you even more!

Now speaking of treating your grooms to something a little bit more extra, why don't you also bring him to The Union Station Barber Shop? Not only do they offer insanely expert grooming services including the art of singeing,  but you can actually have his whole wedding outfit made here--from the suit, to the bowtie, to the shoes.

Our dear rebellious brides, never ever forget your groom. The wedding is not just your day but also his. Make him feel special and included in the wedding preps--but not in the way that you expect him to be involved. He is a man after all and there are ways that you can make him feel important and loved, the macho way.


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  1. Definitely agreed that the groom needs to be spoiled too! I'm treating my fiance to a hair cut, wet shave, facial, manicure and pedicure before our wedding :D