The NYCE Wedding

Niña and Bryce make up NYCE, that's their cute couple nickname and wedding hashtag. Their wedding was just as nice as their nickname as it was all about simple lines, exquisite food and understated elegance. They knew that they weren't the type of couple who would go for a lot of froufrou and fluff. In Niña's words, they wanted a very simple celebration with no bells and whistles. 

You see, being rebellious isn't all about adding SO MUCH elements in your wedding, sometimes LESS is MORE and it can look so wonderfully tied together. We consider Niña and Bryce rebellious because they knew what they wanted from the very beginning and knew what suited their taste even if it meant not going for the usual elements like the gown and the venue. These were two of my favorite things from their wedding, by the way. Niña asked for a gown with a simple cut that worked with her figure and paired it with a headband birdcage (no veil!). And my next favorite is their wedding venue which was a restaurant located at the Neilson Tower of the old Manila International Airport in the heart of Makati called Blackbird. Aside from its art deco-inspired ambience, the simple elegance of the place was a great choice for their wedding. Plus, the food there is superb!
I love that she still had this train! So creative!

Ferns and greens make for an organic looking bouquet. 

Yey for the birdcage!
She also had a reception gown that was so very elegant!
Here's more from the bride herself: 
Niña: What was important to us was that our guests were comfy and were well fed (and merry, care of the drinks). When we got engaged we knew we wanted something a bit different and even went abroad looking for a place just like BlackBird so we were SOOOO VERY lucky when this restaurant opened at the right time cause it was exactly what we had in mind. The only funky thing we had was the Groom's boutonniere which was patterned after his first guitar, his first love.
A replica of Bryce's (of Taken by Cars fame) guitar.
Love how even the choice of church match their overall look.
All about simplicity and class in their table setup.

Succulents instead of the usual towering arrangements made table conversations more relaxed.

Song lyrics on pouches as souvenirs complete the classy celebration. 

Gown: Ivarluski Aseron (Church) and Martin Bautista (Reception) 
Make Up: Lala Flores 
Church: St. Andrew's Chapel 
Reception: BlackBird 
Flowers: Monica Violago or Flowers from Linda 
Cake : Aisa Atilano
Photographer: Francis Perez 
Videographer: Mervin Gobanco of MG Video 
Coordinator: Bridesmaids and Co.

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