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Whenever we write our features, we try to be as short and sweet as we possibly can by limiting the photos to just 10-20 max. We feel that a wedding or a prenup can already be encapsulated by just a few selected photos and besides, with the abysmal Internet connections,we wouldn't want our readers to have a hard time looking through a post. But there are very rare times when a wedding set is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome that we can't help but put more photos. When a feature goes beyond 30 photos, in this case even 40 photos, you know that we had a hard time editing a post. Sometimes, what sets a feature apart from the rest is not because of the wedding being rebellious per se--sometimes it's because the photos...the photography is just THAT special. Joaquin and Abbey's wedding is classic and creative. But what makes it special is the fact that their photographers Quirky Creatives was able to capture the crazy beautiful side of the wedding---the personalities of the bride and groom, the simplicity of the day made into the quirkiest of days. 

There's just something about how The Quirky Creatives Team captures and makes their couples feel special in a unique way. It's honestly making me feel jealous--like: "I want to get married again because I want to have my own customized, Quirky Creatives photo set" like THAT kind of jealous. 

Am I the only one that gets that kind of feeling? Haha. I don't know, maybe it's the rebellious bride in me. All I know is, Joaquin and Abbey's wedding was so much fun. You guys are awesome! :)

We seriously wanted to put more photos but there's so many already haha. 

Photography by Quirky Creatives
Makeup by Rae of REAL Makeup Artistry Hair | Nhot for REAL Makeup Artistry
Video by Ian Cruz Films
Coordination by Kiss The Girl Events
Bridal Gown and Suit by JC Buendia
Event Styling by Constance Event Styling Inc.
Flowers by Loi Floral Sense by Serge Igonia
Graphics by Nicole Pechon

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  1. Dear Rebellious Brides, thank you so much for this feature! My husband and I just recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and you guys just made our year even more awesome!!!! Your site was my useful source for wedding inspirations while looking for the right suppliers to suit our wedding needs :-) God bless your dear hearts and keep on doing what you do, inspiring brides and brides to be ❤ Thanks also to Quirky Creatives!! You guys rock!!!