Maggie and Victor

That time when Rebel Bride Maggie and Rebel Groom Victor kind of made everybody feel uncomfortable. 

Remember Maggie and Victor's controversial Jason Magbanua video? Bet you didn't know that it also came with photos. That's right, this MangoRed set kind of got overshadowed because of that video. The controversial engagement session also never made it to our blog because this was in 2010 and our blog launched in 2011.

A lot of people got ticked by this engagement session. It was too much, the haters said. But let me tell you why they can get away with it and they couldn't have cared less what you thought--Maggie's a beauty queen--she's just plain darn gorgeous and she can revel at her hotness if she wanted to. Victor is equally hot and not to mention, one of the wealthiest bachelors at that time--he can celebrate his engagement in whichever way he can--and you can hate on it---but he'll still be richer than you. They got a stellar team to immortalize their hot concept. And it made it tasteful in that sense--like a Calvin Klein or an Abercrombie editorial shoot. And if you don't have those three winning combos, just don't try this at all.

Photography by MangoRed
Makeup & Styling by Xeng Zulueta
Video by Jason Magbanua (CLICK HERE)

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