The Story of Veluz

It has been a longtime tradition for W@W (Weddings at Work) to mount a Video Fest for Philippine Wedding Suppliers who single-handedly revolutionized weddings one way or another. This original tradition is one that almost all wedding enthusiasts in the country enjoy--from when the handpicked list of filmmakers are made known to the general public, to when the themes/topics have been identified for them, from the time they post their BTS shoots, when the posters are launched, leading all the way up to the private screenings at Rockwell, and the after-party. It is an unprecedented event that only a true institution like W@W can really pull-off.

<Screenshots from the Bob Nicolas Veluz Film>

Selecting Veluz as its subject for this year's Video Fest was something that came almost as a natural choice for Benz (queen/mimma/mother of W@W). As she explained to us, the criteria for selecting the subject is simple but a difficult one to even be considered: the supplier should have been in the industry for longer than 10 years, he/she must be somebody who actually innovated weddings, and the person should be well-loved by fellow suppliers.  All three are hard -especially the bit about being well-loved haha.

The Video Fest had a total of six films. Hands down, our favorite is the one made by Bob Nicolas. In this film you will learn the journey of Veluz--and why she is rebelliously a cut above the rest. Make sure to finish the video from start to finish because there's a part towards the end that will give you goosebumps.

So raise you glasses folks. "To Veluz."

Veluz. Her story. from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

CREDITS: Bob Nicolas / Albert Nicolas / Dindo David / Myther Ganibe / Fidel Galapia / Benjo Borja / Let Nicolas / Gerz Vallao / Ernest Pascual / Leo Nicolas / Marvi de Guzman / Mimi Abesamis / Mervin Gobaco / Weddings at Work

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  1. travellingbutterballMay 30, 2015 at 4:15 AM

    loved this feature on her,keep it up rebekkious brides!:)