Safari Fantasy

The amount of passion and ingenuity that went on in this shoot is undeniably remarkable. Especially when you find out that the couple wanted to do a Safari-inspired prenup shoot in a place that didn't even have this vibe. Wait what??? Yes, you read that correctly. The couple wanted a Safari prenup and the photography & styling team made it happen magically in a place that couldn't have been farther from being Safari-friendly.

Photographer Olga Villanueva shares how they made the impossible, possible:

Rebellious Bride Din sent me a message asking if we could do a safari-inspired engagement  in Cam Sur. I said sure, we will find a way. 

A safari shoot is naturally only possible in two locations: the sanctuary in Palawan where there are giraffes, and Ilocos--where there are lots of safari looking spots. However since we were limited with both time and budget, we were challenged to produce a “safari feel” through custom props such as animal printed fabrics, DIY animal masks and head pieces ala "The Lion King Musical",  toys, and various thrifted items. As an alternative venue we shot at the Deer Farm.

Just goes to show that everything is possible if you have a whole lot of nerve and a little bit of perspective!

Photography| Olga Villanueva Photography (Olga Villanueva and Myel Mariano) H&M + Styling | Bessie Lucido of House of B and team Custom Headpiece| Ron Alvarado Location| Brgy.Dolo, Cam Sur and Deer Farm, Ocampo,Cam Sur

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