A Mashup of Cultures

Inspired by colorful gypsies, Arabian nobility, and the bygone vintage era, Kaye and Andal refreshingly opens our eyes to an engagement session beyond the usual. It's a mashup of different influences--the result is a mix of patterns, colors, and emotions, like a melting pot of cultures. 

Let's face it--engagement sessions these days have "types." Predictable, conforming types. And what we ultimately love about this engagement is how it celebrates a multitude of colorful cultures and eras that we can cull inspiration from. And there's absolutely something quite romantic, passionate, and exotic about the way this engagement session was pulled off. Kudos to Wanderlust Productions, Team Benitez, the couple, and the rest of the team for bringing something new to the table!

Photo: Team Benitez Photo
Stylist: Wanderlust Productions
HMUA: Chalk Santos
Gowns: Wilson Nińo Franco Limon

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