Love Play: Rebellious Brides X MangoRed

To those who have been with us since the blog's infancy stage, you would probably recognize these photos from a special daily countdown that we did for Rebellious Bride Mica's wedding day. 

In a lot of ways you could say that this was technically our very first collaboration shoot for Rebellious Brides. And yet this is the first time we are releasing these uber rebellious layouts for everybody to enjoy. 

This collab shoot was made possible by no less than the ultimate rebel gang MangoRed who simply told RB Mica, "Let's Shoot!" 

To which Mica replied, "GAME!" 

They say that such concepts are too trendy and will not look timeless in the long run. It's funny though but this shoot was like 4 years ago and it still remains relevant and current in 2015. And as RB Mica would say, as a couple they didn't aim for timeless. Rather they aimed for a time capsule - a screen capture of how she and her husband Marc were like during their engagement & wedding.  And so we hope these ideas will inspire you to just enjoy your preps. Don't over think the wedding, Just PLAY. Because the most candid, unadulterated, organic moments are the most fun to capture and remember. 


Photography & Artwork by MangoRed
Styling by Cholo dela Vega
HMUA by The Makeup of Mica
DIY props by RB Mica with the help of Bonsai Fojas

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