"Rebelle" Fairy Tales

We are so excited to share with everyone our latest collaboration shoot. Inspired by the movies Into the Woods and Cinderella, we created a "mash-up" wherein Cinderella doesn't necessarily end up with Prince Charming. She ends up with The Baker. Because sometimes real-life fairy tales are like that, right? Your "Happily Ever After" is not the cookie-cutter template that society envisions it for you. 

We've done a lot of editorial shoots and they are mostly on the dark and moody side. But for this shoot we wanted to show you that themed 'rebellious' weddings don't always have to take that route. It can be magical, vibrant, whimsical, and even on the elegant side yet still be rebellious. 

We are also excited to be working with Aisle 1401 and TippingPoint Collective for the first time. They definitely exceeded our wildest expectations!

Enjoy the video below. 
*For better viewing, choose HD quality.


Brand Identity Logo by Craelligraphy (Crae Achacoso)

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Rebellious Brides will now have its own Youtube Channel called "Rebelle Network." Rebelle, the french word for "Rebellious" is our official foray into the video format. As our readers would know, we have been dabbling with video collaborations since way before but this time we are formalizing it. We are definitely going to be more active in this part of our brand and we are opening the floor to more hardworking collaborations. Episodes are already being conceptualized as we speak. And talks of big collaborations are already in place. We just can't wait to roll them out later in the year!

Choosing the word Rebelle is something deliberate on our part. We separated it from Rebellious Brides because being rebellious is something that we can further evolve beyond just brides and weddings. Later on we will also be creating other Rebelle videos that touch on topics like Travel, Food, DIYs, and even the Grooms. These are exciting times and we can't wait to grow our channel soon. If you guys have ideas or would want to participate, feel free to email us!

Apart from the Into the Woods x Cinderella editorial video, here's what we have on the Rebelle Network Channel so far:

Going back to the Into the Woods x Cinderella editorial, perhaps you are wondering where the photos are? It's coming very, very soon. Right now we just can't wait to share with you the video because we wanted to announce Rebelle through this video already! 

Into the Woods x Cinderella
 Concept & Direction by The Rebellious Brides / Wedding Agency 
Fashion Styling by Miss Kayce / KC Leyco & Kring Leyco 

Featuring the Gowns and Suits of: 
 Ryan Madamba 
Debbie Co
Koo Gotauco
Patick Lazol
& Shoes by Nereku

Makeup by The Makeup of Mica 
Hair by Missy Rivera 
Event Styling by Tippingpoint Collective 
Photography by We Do It For Love 
Video by Aisle 1401 
Jewelry by Cuenca Jewelry \
On Location at Minda's Sanctuary 

Mara Tanchanco as Cinderella
Ryan Madamba as The Baker
Daniella Sevilla as Rapunzel
Cyril Raysseguier as The Other Prince
Althea Aswani as The Witch
Bindi Aswani as Little Red Riding Hood
RB Kai as Fairy Godmother 

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