Dream Catcher

"One day you will find a place where dreams and reality collide"

"Bring me all of your dreams, 
you dreamers,
bring me all of your 
heart melodies
That I may wrap them
in a blue cloud cloth
away from the too rough fingers
of the world." 

There are days when things just don't seem to be going your way. And everything and everybody feels like they have conspired to stab you in the back. It happens to the best of us. Ed and Abby's engagement session though, is all about the positive vibes, the sweetest of dreams, the happiest of days. Beauty, creativity, and love have all been encapsulated in this dreamy session. And it can put hope in your heart that we can have wonderful days like this. Even if we were just to imagine it.


Photography by Team Benitez
Styling by Wanderlust Productions
HMUA by Chalk Santos
Gowns by Emil Ocampo and Santi Obcena

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