Love, Colors, and Culture - A Rebellious Secret Wedding

It is always so wonderful and interesting to know how each and every culture celebrates weddings. It is a testament to the fact that there are so many ways to formalize and create a wedding - and that doing it in the church, wearing a white dress is definitely NOT the rule of thumb for everybody else in the world.

When we first saw this wedding from photographers We Do It For Love, we were completely blown away by the richness of the details and the ceremonies. And we were even more in awe of how the couple seemed to have made their wedding truly their own.

Rebellious Bride Cess shares that their wedding is called "Tausug Kawin." Kawin is an agreement between the bride's father (or male elder) and the groom. She further shares that it is usually a common practice to have about 300 guests during the wedding but they preferred to make it a secret wedding with 40 guests, primarily composed of the immediate family.

As you will see in the photos, Marc & Cess clearly honored a lot of the Tausug rituals but then they incorporated so many awesome ideas on their special day as well. We particularly love the dinosaur-printed bow ties, the crafted leather giveaways, the very laid back chic couple's table (those chairs are wicked!), the couple's outfits, oh we can really go on and on.  This was a wedding that truly weaved the traditions with the modern romance together and it worked so wonderfully.

Photography by We Do It For Love
HMUA by Jo Ticzon
Gown by  CoExist by Camille Co
Suit by Ralph Lauren
Venue and Food by 14four Cafe
Venue Styling by The Sunday Experience
Cake by Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
Wedding Souveni by Gouache bags.

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