Into the Woods Wedding Fantasy Editorial

Once upon a time, we had a wish. We wished for our dreams to come true, for the magic of our minds to turn pixie dusts into butterflies. Now that Rebellious Brides has been here for almost four years, we are proud to give you yet another twist on a very classic tale. Because this is what we do. We are weavers of threads that make up wishes and dreams. We truly believe that Cinderella can choose to have a different happily ever after. And this is her story.

The Rebellious Ella.

Ella did not want to marry Prince Charming. Maybe that's why she kept running away she even lost her shoe! So she chose someone else. Someone she truly loves.

Into the woods, they met and fell in love. Now, into the woods they will wed. They had the most unexpected guests: a witch, a princess locked in a tower, a Prince, a little girl in red and a Fairy Godmother with lots of power.

Into the woods, they all went.

And her Fairy Godmother was there to smother her with butterflies that turned into a magical gown. She had a huge flower instead of a bouquet and wore her "something blue" on her eyes. 
Ella was not at all scared to give such a surprise.

Into the woods, she saw the most whimsical things, like giant mushrooms wearing flowers on their heads. This was where she met a little girl in red. Ella's flower girl who loved to hop from here to there. She was way off her path but didn't care. Little Red Riding Hood picked all the flowers everywhere!

Into the woods, a princess is freed from a tower. Love, what power! The Other Prince had found and freed her. And off they go, love in tow, to a wedding like no other.

Oh and here is the Witch! The Witch! The Witch who loved them all along. The Witch who sang the most unusual wedding song!

"Careful the wish you make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true, not free. Careful the spell you last, not just on children. Sometimes the spell may last past what you can see, and turn against you. Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell. Children will listen..."

With a wave of her hand and her magical wand, Ella's wedding was beautifully set. For you see, for her Fairy Godmother, it was not much of a bother to create such a wonderful day in the woods for her dearest goddaughter.

Into the Woods, the Baker waits. His heart is full of love and faith. Into the woods, he once was lost but a girl was bound his way. In her eyes, he saw the kindness of her heart. And as deep as the woods, he fell in love and never felt astray.

He's not a Prince. But his wishes came true. He found something you don't usually find in the woods.

Into the woods, Ella walks. With twigs, leaves and flowers as her aisle. Deeper and deeper into the woods, towards the love of her life.

She was the happiest bride with light in her eyes.

This is the love story of Ella and the Baker.

And they lived rebelliously ever after. 

The moral of the story? You can create a wedding theme based on your own interpretation. You can do a mash-up of concepts! You can dream up the wedding you want and make it into a reality. You just need the right people to dream it up with you. We are truly thankful for all our talented friends who have collaborated with us in this shoot. What we all came up was not merely an imitation but an inspirational editorial for our readers. Keep on being rebels! You guys rock!

Into the Woods x Cinderella
 Concept & Direction by The Rebellious Brides / Wedding Agency 
Fashion Styling by Miss Kayce / KC Leyco & Kring Leyco 

Featuring the Gowns and Suits of: 
 Ryan Madamba 
Debbie Co
Koo Gotauco
Patick Lazol
& Shoes by Nereku

Makeup by The Makeup of Mica 
Hair by Missy Rivera 
Event Styling by Tippingpoint Collective 
Photography by We Do It For Love 
Video by Aisle 1401 
Jewelry by Cuenca Jewelry
On Location at Minda's Sanctuary 

Mara Tanchanco as Cinderella
Ryan Madamba as The Baker
Daniella Sevilla as Rapunzel
Cyril Raysseguier as The Other Prince
Althea Aswani as The Witch
Bindi Aswani as Little Red Riding Hood
RB Kai as Fairy Godmother 

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