Julie + VJ's Spanish Colonial-Themed Wedding

VJ, the "Rebellious Groom" is actually a former colleague of mine. And I am not surprised that his wedding is not only creative but also cohesive (where we 'came' from, we jut had to work that way).

But VJ is clearly not the only one with all the big ideas here. Julie is definitely a Rebellious Bride! What with her fabulous, non-white Christine Lam gown, her sensational red hot cascading bouquet (and we all know that cascading bouquets are almost usually white), her fierce and quirky bridal shots, from her impeccable styling choices (the entourage are so well dressed it's so amazing!). She was just killing it! She is obviously comfortable in her own skin and her own choices. And her personality just flawlessly reflected in every aspect of the wedding.

And we love the idea of a Spanish-themed wedding because after all, we were colonized by the Spaniards for more than 300 hundred years and their influences in our culture is so apparent. VJ & Julie's wedding actually gave us this "AHA" moment of realization that this theme could very well be another interpretation of Filipiniana and there's so many ways to go about it. As you will see in Julie & VJ's engagement and wedding photos - this theme can go from bold to classic, from sassy to romantic, from spicy to muted. Julie looks so ravishingly gorgeous in all of the many beautiful looks that REAL Makeup Artistry created for her in both occasions. And VJ looked very dapper as photographed by Quirky Creatives. They are clearly a rebelliously unique couple and it radiated in their wedding!

Congratulations Julie and VJ! May your marriage be as vibrant as your wedding!

PS. Don't forget that we have a Quirky Deal w/ Quirky Creatives and REAL Makeup Artistry! :)

Photography | Quirky Creatives
Makeup | Rae of REAL Makeup Artistry
Hair | Nhot for REAL Makeup Artistry
Gown | Christine Lam
Coordination | Kiss The Girl Events
Event Styling | Dave Sandoval
Flowers | Dave Sandoval

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