Quirky Creatives = Never Boring

Goodness gracious, great balls of FIRE!

See this is why we are SUCH fans of Quirky Creatives. N-O-B-O-D-Y does the kind of stuff that they do. And we mean NOBODY. Nobody locally, and nobody in the other parts of the globe. Their wedding photography skills are just so innovative. They make their own rules. They truly are "artisans." You just have to see this editorial shoot to see what we are talking about. So here goes!

Phew! Wasn't that just incredibly refreshing and so damn hot???  

Of course half of what makes Quirky Creatives "never boring" is its beauty/glam team as well, under the REAL Makeup Artistry. And that's why we came up with an exclusive combo deal with them just for you. For the PREMIUM work that this team does, their package is already a steal. But hey, we are all about making awesome deals so grab the 10k OFF while you still can!

Email myquirkycreatives@gmail.com


Photography by Quirky Creatives
HMUA by REAL Makeup Artistry
Styling by Sara Nicolas
Venue by F1 Hotel, BGC

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