Aiza & AJ's AlDub Inspired Prenup/Save-the-Date

Rebellious Couple Aiza and AJ are getting married next month and they don't have a Save-the-Date session yet. Aiza is a self-confessed fan of Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye/AlDub and she watches it every lunch break with her officemates. So when we suggested this AlDub photo/video shoot session for their Save-the-Date, they were super GAME! 

But before you look at the photos, let's set the mood with the super funny video that Woodstock Cinema made! Hahahahahaha!

There were nobody else to do this quirky and fun shoot with but Quirky Creatives, REAL Makeup Artisty,  and Woodstock Cinema because as a collaboration team, we are ALL fans of AlDub too! Hahaha. And if you also want to do this kind of theme, really it's so simple! 

Here's what we did: 

1. Locations: we shot Aiza and AJ separately of course! "Yaya Dub" was shot on the streets while "Alden" was shot in a backstage type of setting. 

2. Styling: "Yaya Dub" is easy to style! All you need is an apron, a sling bag, and a giant fan haha. For the split screen scene, we styled her with a pink tutu skirt and a pink top. For "Alden" he has this simple, clean, and "boy next door" type of look so we kept it fuss-free with white shirts,  jeans, striped long sleeves, and a suit for the split screen scene.

3. Props: Again this was pretty simple. We just used fan signs, a DIY bouquet, and of course a plywood hahaha! When we shot this prenup, the kidnapping/blindfold episode didn't happen yet. You can add blindfolds in your own shoot too! 

4. AlDub References: Of couse, if you really want to do an Aldub inspired shoot, you will need to be a hardcore fan that knows all the visual cues! Don't forget the "Weeksaries," the hand gestures like the pinky swear and the pabebe wave, the dubsmash/songs, and the festive split screen graphics.

5. Other Ideas: If you want to take your shoot to the next level, you can also use extra characters to cameo for your shoot. When we were shooting outsde the streets, we actually saw three guys wearing blue shirts. We shouted "Rogelios!" and we were about to approach them to join our shoot but they ran away! Hahahaha. 

Here's the story of this shoot: 

Once upon a time, Aiza and AJ met and fell in love. But they were faced with challenges along the way. "Sa Tamang Panahon," their own Happy Ending will come. 

So Save-the-Date!

Thank you Aiza and AJ for being so game! Good luck and best wishes on your upcoming wedding! It's so near already! Yey!


Concept, direction, and styling: The Wedding Agency by The Rebellious Brides
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Photography and Edited Artworks by Quirky Creatives
(Enjoy 33% off on Quirky Creatives' Photography Services!)

Videography by Woodstock Cinema
(Enjoy 20% off on Woodstock Cinema's Video Services!)

HMUA by REAL Makeup Artistry
Assisted by: 2 Infinity Coordination (formerly RNR Manila)
DIY Paper Bouquet by {ETC} Handmade Goodness

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