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LJ wreaks of being a Rebellious Bride. We don't have to know for a fact if she's really a reader. We just know she is. Okay don't fail us here. You really are, aren't you LJ? Haha. 

Regardless if this is something we can verify or not, one look at her wedding to Ejay and you'll know that they do belong here in RB. 

This wedding is just so thrilling. As Metrophoto shares in their blog:

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the red and black details that Lady carefully collated for her wedding. Everything matched in such great spunk – which is very much like our bride. From the bouquet, to the very rad Valentino wedding shoes, and up to her boudoir outfit – nothing was left unconsidered, and I’m sure Ejay would agree. All these were celebrated in Fernbrook Gardens in what was a laugh-filled ceremony where Ejay was constantly put on the hot seat – much to the enjoyment of the guests and most especially Lady. :) These photos together with those we shot in Singapore many months back, make up a significant part in the incredibly unique wedding experience of Lady and Ejay. Enjoy them :) 


Photography by Metrophoto

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