Meet One of 'the' Most Rebellious Couples in the World

To sort of "award" a couple for being one of the most rebellious in the world is something big for us because this is something that we wouldn't easily give out to just any couple. But we thought it would be fitting to recognize them today.

Meet Rebellious Bride Jamie and Rebellious Groom Doug.

If you see photos from their first wedding, it looks just like any other wedding. But oh my, it totally is not. First of all, they got married without as much as knowing their names. They were arranged to be married. Second of all, they weren't arranged to be married by their families -- they were arranged to be married by a TV Show called Married At First Sight by FYI. Using psychological, spiritual, and sexual intelligences that were compared to that of techniques used by the CIA, Jamie and Doug were paired based on their history, belief systems, personality and sexual compatibly among other things. Third of all, they had only a few weeks to see if the match was a good one. Then they would have to decide if they will divorce. 

Now do you agree that they are super rebellious? 

But there's more to the love story that just got us hooked and made us into their full-blown fans. You see, Jamie wasn't physically attracted to Doug at first. When she walked down the aisle and was saying her vows, she was just trying to keep things together because she felt that she made a mistake. During the post-ceremony photo sessions, she wouldn't even let Doug touch her. But despite the emotions that she was feeling, she decided to stick with the social experiment. A tipping point happened during their honeymoon when Jamie confessed to the video camera that she had a crush on Doug. Awwww....... 

As weeks passed by, they experienced some ups and downs as they tried to get to know each other while also figuring out what marriage meant to both of them. But you could see that Jamie was falling head over heels with Doug. Now, not only are they still together but they also had a renewal of vows to celebrate their union -- this time, with both of their consent, and with both of them fully and madly deeply in love with each other. 

They are such a strong couple. Imagine having to go through a social marriage experiment not just on a national scale but also on a GLOBAL level. And since the concept of their marriage and their show were both unconventional, imagine what kind of negative comments they also had to face, and probably continue to face. 

But through it all, they just love each other. They may never have found love the "regular" way, but they are in love. And that's the only thing that matters. 

So congratulations Jamie and Doug, you guys are so rebellious! 

Catch up on their love story by watching Married at First Sight, The First Season! 

Photo Credits: FYI 

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