Proof that Batanes Weddings are the BEST

If you are an avid RB reader, you would know by now how much we gush about Batanes as a wedding venue/idea. We even wrote a piece on How To Plan a Cost-Efficient Batanes Wedding which already got picked up by several publications. And ever since we released that article, there have been more and more Batanes Weddings that we see today. However, there is still a lot of stigma around Batanes Weddings that the mere thought of it scares the hell out of engaged couples. Batanes gets a lot of bad press for being "that place with bad weather" and for being "that place that costs so much, it's more expensive to fly there than flying abroad." 

And while these points are somewhat true, let me ask you this: How is "bad weather" any different anywhere around the Philippines? You could be planning a summer wedding in Manila yet still end up with an unexpected downpour on your wedding day itself. How about positivizing this instead, by highlighting the fact that Batanes is the ONLY place in the Philippines that has WINTER. Yes, Winter! So Winter Weddings ARE in fact possible in the Philippines! Now talking about expensive airfares, how is the airfare rate also any different from waiting for Piso fares before you plan a trip going to Boracay or Hong Kong? 

People are naturally afraid of the unknown. So what better way to prove to you that the benefits of having a Batanes wedding far outweighs the negative things playing instead of your head,  by showing to you a Batanes wedding from the eyes of a bride who is actually native to Batanes? 

Rebellious Bride Bianca Shares: 

 “Our wedding was coordinated halfway around the world for a period of two years. When we formally got engaged, there were only four things we knew for certain: first, that we were going to be out of the country while preparations were underway (we are both pursuing our post graduate studies in Europe); second, that the wedding will be in Batanes, which is the hometown of my mom, and which is one of the special places we visited together prior to getting engaged; third, that we will not have a traditional wedding cake, but wheels of cheese stacked together (Truth: I did not have a dream wedding dress but had a dream wedding “cake”); and fourth, that we would only tap family and friends to help us pull through a wedding in a remote island far up north where the mountains meet the sea. The setting is also one of the reasons why we called it “Kasalan sa Bundukan” (A Wedding in the Mountains).

 The most special people in our lives flew all the way from different continents and from Manila to make it all special. Every detail was handpicked and handmade, as we tapped the talent, coordination, and support of our family and friends. It was really funny because a few weeks prior to our flight to Batanes, we turned my house into an art factory where the missalettes, piƱata, and thank you notecards were being produced, and where band rehearsals were ongoing. My siblings and cousin made card size portraits of the guests as place cards, and we had handwritten thank you notes to each and every one of them. Miko’s sister made trips back and forth from North to South of Manila, and then to Batanes to coordinate the event. As we all arrived in Batanes, the work did not stop until the days leading to the wedding. My aunt decorated a tricycle with cogon and typical shrubs from Batanes, and the talent of a local Ivatan artist from Yaru Nu Artes Ivatan (Leslie Merina) was tapped to hand paint stones that served as a token for the guests. Our guests came carrying a collective total of 100 kilos of flower that would be used for the wedding. We brought in cheese wheels, jamon iberico, manila paper, pentel pens, and all craft materials that were necessary because we knew we were going to be cut off from the convenience of a National Bookstore. We were prepared to go all in Batanes. Every person had a role to play in the grand quirkiness of the event. 

The wedding day itself was very special because it showed a culmination of all the work of the people who shared the moment with us – family, friends, and suppliers (who are essentially family and friends first and foremost before they are suppliers). When we wrapped up, there was this sense of accomplishment and genuine happiness that we will always keep within us. Our “Kasalan sa Bundukan” was nothing short of a “Bayanihan Wedding”. As in our relationship, we made it happen because of the people who saw us through, helped us, nourished us, even from the day that we did not have the slightest idea that one day, we will be standing side by side on the tip of the hill to share our vows where the mountain meets the sea.”

Congratulations Bianca and Miguel! May your marriage be as magnificent as your wedding! 

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Photography | Quirky Creatives
Hair and Makeup | Rae Salazar of REAL Makeup Artistry
Ceremony Wedding Gown | Frankie de Leon
Reception Wedding Gown | Pia Florencia Fasol
Bridal Shoes | Patish Sevi
Groom’s Suit | Hampshire Place, Edsa Shangrila
Flowers | Tina Berin
Giveaways | Leslie Joy Merina of Yaru nu Artes Ivatan
Coordination | Maika Gomez
Batanes Coordinator | Mherrie Joves
Invitation | Chad Villar
 Preps and Reception | Fundacion Pacita Church | Tukon Chapel (Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chapel) Graphics | Nicole Pechon

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