Pig Out!

The wedding is over. Months of exercising and dieting have prepared you for this very moment when the last guest from the reception has left you with their third "best wishes"... the last supplier payment, settled. You are finally husband and wife. So go ahead and pig out.

When we teamed-up with Quirky Creatives and Burgers & Brewskies for this editorial shoot, we simply wanted to do a concept that was fun and raw. We wanted to depict the more genuine, unadulterated moments that go on in a wedding when you just want to pig out and finally get off of your body hugging gown. But putting this feature together got us into thinking about the wedding process and the marriage even more. 

     From the moment you get engaged, you will soon realize that the wedding preps are a mix of "highs" and "lows" (but hopefully your "highs" will far outnumber the lows). But once the big day comes, those moments will be replaced by the realization that you are about to  live with your spouse forever and ever...and that's not even half of it. As you go through the motions of wedded bliss, you'll learn that it's not that easy trying to make things work out on a regular basis and not to mention that you'll constantly be bombarded with pregnant and baby conversations that may or may not be wanted on your part. But before you lose yourself in these upcoming exciting moments, don't forget to HAVE FUN at every possible turn. Starting off with the end of your reception. Just go crazy with your new wife/husband. Pig out. Drink up. The best is yet to come. 

PS. A Burger kind of wedding sounds absolutely good though ;)

Photography by Quirky Creatives
HMUA by REAL Makeup Artistry
Gowns & Suits by Ryan Madamba 
On Location at Burgers & Brewskies Enstancia Mall

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