Jamie + Derrick's Music Fest Wedding

WOW....as in all caps WOW.

Just one look at all these photos and you know that this was a wedding of epic proportions. But what if we told you, this was a short engagement? As in, Jamie and Derrick only had 2 months to pull off this wedding-- that kind of a short engagement. Yes the bride is a stylist and a wedding photographer but still, even with her many talents and friends it was such a tall ordeal to have pulled this one off and they did it so wonderfully. 

What more is there to say? This was a wedding that made us drool with all the details as far as the eye can see. And yes, they served food from Food Trucks. As in, no the colorful trucks were not just a cocktail or decorative prop...the reception itself was food truck galore. 

But if the wedding details are inspiring, it doesn't even compare to the love, support, and positive energy this two bring together with their friends and family. Everybody seemed to be cheering them on. After all, a wedding is a celebration of love and it reverberated more so during their music festival themed wedding. 

Oh to be young, creative, free, and in love. 

Congratulations Jamie and Derrick! You guys are simply awesome. And may your marriage be filled with so much lovely details and fun memories just like in your wedding. 


Event Coordination by Teena Barretto
Event Styling by Love Ocampo, Karen Anne Muyuela Pascual, Madeleine Sablada
Florals by Jacq's Floral / Jacq Wong
Makeup by Owen Sarmiento /  Hair by Jay Santos Aquino
Dresses by Roxy Bagano-Dizon
Photo by ProudRad
Video by Tim & Co. Creatives  
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