We are officially on Pinterest!

 Hello everyone! 

Just a quick blog to tell you guys that we now have an official Pinterest account. Long overdue, right? Okay, so to be honest, I am personally not a fan of Pinterest. I think that it actually confuses and overwhelms the bride even more. But we were quite surprised---actually the correct expression might be *I'am shook* that the blog has been pinned thousands and thousands of times without us even knowing it. And it just makes sense to really adapt, be open to new things, and to connect where you guys want to connect with us, right? 

On our Pinterest Boards you will find specific categories that we love and care about. And we will curate and carefully edit it in the best way that we can, so that it can really fire-up your own creativity.  We invite you to check out our Wedding Agency board because this is where we will share the custom-created wedding concepts that we have developed for our clients in the past. 

And we will try to update these boards as regularly as possible.  Promise!

Here's the link! Let's connect on Pinterest!  

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