11 Rebellious Gowns from the Marriott Bridal Fashion Show

On July 19, the Marriott Hotel held its annual "Marry Me at Marriott" bridal fashion show, featuring collections from designers Mark Bumgarner, Francis Libiran, Ryan Madamba, and Cary Santiago. And it was rebellious.

 Credit: Designer Francis Libiran's IG account @francislibiran

No, we don't necessarily mean that the collection featured non-white gowns (because all the gowns were white), and they weren't avant garde either. What made the bridal collection rebellious in its entirety was the fact that all designers presented gowns that were wearable but unconventional. It was unconventional because all designers created gowns at different lengths,  they featured interesting embroidered pieces that weren't overtly screaming "bride",  all designers featured silhouettes that were absolutely refreshing, and all designers broke some kind of rule one way or another. For instance, there were no veils in sight--instead, most of the designers opted for caplets. Most designers also created gowns with skirts that had created its own drama that there seems to be no need of a traditional train.  The result was just spectacular because collectively, Bumgarner, Libiran, Madamba, and Santiago, redefined how a bride is expected to look--but the gowns were so wearable that not only would you want to wear it for your big day, but you'd find another occasion to wear it again and keep it forever. 

Here are our top 11 favorites on the basis of being rebellious.